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Content is king, and when you are trying to sell your property, how you show that content to potential buyers is key.

If you want a successful sale in a densely populated real estate market, you need a property video.

The current trend is clear: a property video has become a fundamental ingredient when trying to make a successful sale in a busy real estate market.

Why is a video important to sell your property?

When it comes to videos, the statistics sound pretty impressive: 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

When you are trying to sell your property in a very competitive and populated real estate market, you need an engaging and eye-catching tool to be successful.

How can a video help you sell a property?

A video is a marketing tool that does a lot more than just give information to viewers. When watching a video of a property, the potential buyers become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen.

Videos help them imagine taking a journey through the property and make it easier for them to become emotionally attached. They are being seduced by realistic and powerful images. They get to know the property, but also get a feeling of the lighting, the noises, the views out of the windows, the neighbourhood and the surrounding landscape.

People like dealing with people. When watching a video of your property, the potential home buyers get the chance to know the person on the screen. It allows them to put a face and a voice to the agent or property manager that they will be dealing with, in case they are interested in your property. They start creating a more personal connection before anyone has even spoken to them directly, which means a sale is much more likely to materialise when they are ready to buy.

Potential buyers are not just buying a property, they are buying a home and probably making one of the biggest investments in their lives. They are purchasing a lifestyle, a neighbourhood, a look and feel, and they want that experience to be personal and pleasant.

Are videos easy to create?

Videos have never been easier to create, watch and share. Thanks to the increasing use of mobile devices, like phones and tablets, videos are more accessible than ever and an important part of people’s everyday life. A clear example of this is Youtube, that has an astonishing 1+ billion users.

Good real estate agents and property managers are very aware of the multiple benefits of videos when trying to sell a property. They know they can potentially double the number of prospective home buyers visiting their websites if they include videos of the properties. They also know those visitors could spend a 100% longer average time on the website because of those videos.

When trying to sell your property remember your listing needs to stand out. You need a real estate agent that can advertise your property in the most effective way to a specific market. Only a real estate agent that can create an engaging video of your property will be able to communicate its unique selling points, in just a few seconds.

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